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The Wisconsin Naval Ship Association, Inc. (WINSA) is a charitable organization whose mission is to honor honor veterans and their service, while educating our future generations in military history, with special attention to math and sciences.

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The USS Canon will serve as the anchor of the Naval Museum and Education Center (NAVMEC). It will provide a window into our military history and veterans' dedication and service. The USS Canon together with the Naval Museum and Education Center provides hands-on, interactive opportunities to explore our naval history as well as math and sciences. In cooperation and collaboration with schools, educators and other secondary education entities (such as Navy Sea Cadet programs), NAVMEC provides opportunities to study history, as well as experience a snap shot of the future need for scientists, engineers, and various marine technicians. And, NAVMEC with the USS Canon becomes a tourist attraction, contributing to the economic health of our communities.

Veteran Interviews

We are conducting video interviews with veterans in an effort to create a searchable data base for viewing at the Naval Museum and Education Center of Sheboygan. These videos will be made available to historical research entities, educational groups and libraries.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in being interviewed, please call the museum at (920) 254-8777. Thanks are extended to Lakeland College, Silverwater Productions and the Early Bird Rotary of Sheboygan for their support.

Sponsor Interview

Sponsor an interview of a veteran from research and studio time, to completion for presentation at the museum - $160.00


Become a WINSA member and you'll get a chance to meet veterans and hear stories from the unsung heroes who served aboard the Navy's most decorated Vietnam Patrol Gunboat. Touch and feel authentic military equipment, become a sea captain in simulators and explore the deck teeming with action. Veterans walk the same paths they did many years ago, and retell their experiences right in the areas they occupied. WINSA membership is $25 per year, or $50 for two years (membership extended through 2012). Membership application.

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We appreciate your support in helping to bring the Canon to Sheboygan. Please make checks, corporate matches, or other gifts payable to WINSA. Completed Pledge Cards can be mailed to the following address:

3120 S. Business Drive - Suite 140
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Hall of Fame

A special thanks is extended to the following "Hall of Fame" individuals that have made significant contributions to bring the Canon to Wisconsin. View list.

The following United States Navy Reserve individuals have been elected posthumously to the WINSA’s Board of Honor. May their “shipmates” and all others know that their outstanding support of the mission was important, appreciated and recognized!

WINSA Signal Newsletters

View past issues of The WINSA Signal newsletter. To be added to our mail list, please call (920) 254-1584.

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Political Support

The following key governmental officials have endorsed WINSA's plans to berth the USS Canon PG-90 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin as a historic naval ship.


  • Senator Herb Kohl – Wisconsin
  • Senator Russ Feingold – Wisconsin
  • Congressman Thomas E. Petri - 8th District

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Legislature - Assembly

Wisconsin Legislature - Senate

City of Sheboygan

  • Mayor Bob Ryan (City of Sheboygan)



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